When Problems Arise, the Traditions of America Team is on it!

Delivering a home that is aesthetically beautiful, defect free and without blemishes is a careful process that Traditions of America takes very seriously. From our Personal Builders and Service Technicians, to our Community Managers, we work hard to address customer complaints. Routine issues that may arise as part of building a home – whether small or large – are taken care of quickly and effectively.

Dave Ebright, Community Manager at Traditions of America at Lititz, explains that “it’s imperative to respond quickly to any and all homeowner complaints…during conversations with homeowners it’s important to practice genuine listening and respond after you’ve heard everything the homeowner has to say.” He instructs his construction and customer service team to “take thorough notes recapping conversations and make sure to follow up on every problem.” He adds that “it’s important to remember that our customers have just bought the home of their dreams and we want to make sure their dreams are also their reality.”

Dave’s philosophy is shared by all of our Community Managers. The entire Traditions of America team strives to deliver dream homes to our customers at each closing. Nonetheless, sometimes things go wrong. A detail can be overlooked, a part may be backordered, misunderstandings occur. In the uncommon event that a snag arises, our team is ready to respond!

Mark Johns, Personal Builder

At one of our Pittsburgh communities, the DiNardo family had designed a fully customized, tile shower: larger than the standard, with a rain-style shower head, no-threshold entrance and travertine corner seat. Some problems arose with the shower after closing. The DiNardos called Mark Johns, the Personal Builder for their community, and he worked closely with them – and the appropriate vendors and tradespeople – to resolve the problem. Theresa DiNardo praised Mark’s attentiveness and added “as soon as they called with a problem, Mark was at their door!”

Dan DeStefano, Community Manager at Traditions of America at Summer Seat, is proud of the customer service his team delivers. It is his number one priority to make sure homeowner problems are handled from start to finish – just as the DiNardos experienced. “We don’t stop working on a problem until we are certain it is resolved,” assured Dan.

Our attention to customer happiness doesn’t stop after closing. The Traditions of America team continues to place homeowner satisfaction as a top priority with the 1-2-10 warranty plan. With this high level of care, it’s no surprise that Traditions of America continues to be the leading active adult builder in Pennsylvania and the surrounding region.