Scaling New Heights in Home Customization: Introducing Our New Architect

Meet Scott Botel-Barnard!

Scott recently joined Traditions of America as Chief Architect. At the helm of Traditions Architecture, he has already produced many great custom Single Family and Garden Home plans for our homeowners. With over 30 years of design experience, and a substantial body of residential work, including active adult home designs, Scott, along with his team, already have their sleeves rolled up and are hard at work helping homeowners plan their DreamHomes and realize the Traditions of America Live Better lifestyle.

Scott received his Masters in Architecture from the University of Pennsylvania. During his career, he ran his own design practice, as well as working with Minno and Wasko, The Martin Organization and Goldner and Associates.

Reflecting on his job, Scott says “It’s very satisfying when someone comes to you with a list of all the things they want in a house and you’re able to put it all together for them and wind up with a house they’re going to live in. I think of it as putting together a 3D jigsaw puzzle with parts that don’t really have a shape in the early stages but that gradually come together before your eyes.” An architect’s job is an on-going work in progress. According to Scott, “You can always do more, look more closely, make things fit a little more elegantly or efficiently.”

Scott’s most revered architects are the ones who worked within a tradition and made beautiful and creative solutions for people. “If I had to name names, I would say Voysey, Hawksmoor, Lutyens and Palladio. I’m all for comfort, visually and physically, so Georgian is a style that always feels good to me,” explains Scott. His fantasy home at the moment would be to build a castle in the Scottish Highlands (with all the modern amenities, of course). In his free time, Scott and his wife, Ann, like to spend time with their kids and granddaughters, hang out with their two little dogs while binge-watching favorite TV shows, sample a few craft beers, and play the ukulele.

The latest Traditions of America home design fresh off Scott’s drafting table is The Jefferson. The Jefferson, one of two garden homes in the Traditions of America collection, has a wonderfully open floor plan. “People today want connectedness,” acknowledges Scott. “I love the way the kitchen island faces the dining area, and the way the space can be used for huge family events like Thanksgiving dinners. Having matching His and Hers walk-in closets is awesome! Also, the laundry is accessed right from the Master Suite where all the laundry IS in an active adult household. No more carrying a laundry basket around the house,” adds Scott.

Learn more about The Jefferson – Scott’s latest home design as well as Traditions of America’s other Single Family and Garden Homes when you visit our website.

by Betsy McCarthy, Traditions of America Marketing