Now More Than Ever…Traditions of America Communities Rising to the Challenge during Covid 19!

“Now More Than Ever” Series – we are pleased to share our first post in a new and continuing series!

Now more than ever, it’s your community that matters most. Family, friends and neighbors are always important, but in difficult times they are EVERYTHING. Right now, across all of our communities, we are witnessing the power of community before our very eyes. Let’s be clear: social distancing is NOT something that comes naturally at a Traditions of America community. In fact, if you had floated that phrase just a month ago, it would have been met with puzzled looks. However, in this new reality of the Covid pandemic, our residents are adapting and finding creative and unique ways to STILL be social, active and productive while distancing. They are rising to the challenge and it is truly inspirational.

Happy Hours: Social Without Gathering

A group of clever and determined neighbors are still socializing with a new twist on the beloved happy hour: it’s called “Social Without Gathering”. The rules are simple and FUN. According to the Happy Hour Committee, in the first week, neighbors living in odd-numbered homes pull their chairs, beverages and music of choice to the end of their driveways. Meanwhile, neighbors living in even-numbered houses take a stroll down the block, drinks in hand, and stop to chat with those seated in the driveway, while maintaining a safe distance. The following week, they reverse: odd numbers walk and evens sit. Expressly Permitted: Dancing Alone in the Street! In addition to the social aspect, it’s a great way for the community to find out if neighbors need anything and how they can best help each other.

The “Sew What” Club Remains Tight-Knit for a Common Cause

The “Sew What” Club at Lititz, a group of 20 women, has banded together to put their passion to work for the greater good. In the face of the COVID pandemic, they deftly mobilized to make face masks for local health care facilities in need. The masks were also offered to neighbors who might have to venture out for an appointment or to the grocery store. They are making a difference, one mask at a time. Normally you’d find them working together in a craft room at the Clubhouse but under the State order, they are busily working away in the comfort of their homes, with sewing machines whirring and humming. We are so proud of their commitment.

The theme behind these stories is clear. Now more than ever, our residents are coming together – even from a distance – to share their passions, inspire one another, and band together. There is a silver lining here: relationships are strengthening with every day that passes. We are deeply proud to witness the sheer power, resilience and creativity of the Traditions of America community.

Stay tuned for the next post in the Series!