Now More Than Ever…Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Now More Than Ever, we are awe-struck by the stories we hear reflecting the camaraderie, generosity, and resilience of Traditions of America residents across our communities.

Several residents at our Cranberry community have started a neighborhood food drive for the Victory Family Church in Cranberry Township. This well-known Church in Pittsburgh’s North Hills has become a food distribution center for those in need during the Covid pandemic. The Church coined their drive “Help Your Neighbor” and it couldn’t be more aptly named. In just under 24 hours, Cranberry neighbors mobilized to create a robust pantry of food items to donate. This is an impactful outreach effort that will undoubtedly continue beyond the pandemic.

At the same time, our Cranberry community is not letting Covid slow them down. They carefully continue to be social from a distance, while having fun and staying active! From Zumba classes and homeowner happy hours via the popular ZOOM platform to brisk strolls in the neighborhood as spring slowly unfolds, our residents find ways to connect with each other in safe yet social ways.

Our Pinnacle at Adams community – also in Pittsburgh’s North Hills – takes the prize for creative social distancing. The wooded, natural setting that distinguishes this small enclave provides the perfect backdrop for a “Guy’s Night (or Early Evening) Out”. Essential items: plenty of Adirondack chairs, firepit with fresh split wood, boulders, coolers full of beverages, conversation and friends connecting. In difficult times, we are reminded about the importance of community and neighbors. We raise a glass to all our residents as we forge ahead to brighter days and a return to normalcy. We have all been impacted by this pandemic in countless ways, but going through the storm with a strong community at the helm makes all the difference….now more than ever.