Now More Than Ever…It’s the Little Things That Help Us Through

We all hope the COVID-19 pandemic is in the rear-view mirror soon. And, when it is, and we’ve had a chance to think back on how we got through the days..that turned into weeks..that turned into months..that saw seasons might be the “little” things that helped us through. Of course, we owe a debt of gratitude to the heroic health care workers and front-line people who fight everyday to combat COVID-19. They will be forever remembered and revered for their devotion and skill. But, to the average person waiting out the days in their homes, this time will be marked by the unremarkable; the everyday routines. Watering the plants, walking the dog, making a new recipe, sprucing up a room with a furniture rearrangement, cleaning the garage, writing in a journal, FaceTiming friends and family, working from home, volunteering time to a charity – these are all “regular” things when considered on their own. But, when considered collectively day-in, day-out – during a trying time – they take on greater importance, with a greater focus.

And, so we write today to acknowledge the little things and to share some snapshots of everyday life at our communities, because little things mean a lot, now more than ever.

“Hunter” dutifully retrieving a stick at the Pinnacle at Adams community pond.

An impromptu prayer gathering on Easter Sunday to light candles and share some positive thoughts in a driveway. And, last but not least, neighbors taking advantage of a sunny day in April, set up a pickle ball net in the driveway to drum up a quick game in the fresh air. A hint of spring! And, who would have thought that driveways would become the new living room?