Lititz Knows How To Live Better and Have Fun!

murder mystery dinner

Residents at Lititz have been busy….busy having FUN and embracing the Live Better lifestyle. Rachel Bechard, Lifestyle Director at Traditions of America at Lititz in Lancaster, PA, provided a glimpse into some recent seasonal happenings at this active and popular community. An all-around favorite, the Murder Mystery Dinner Theater, was a crowd-pleaser at Shady Maple Smorgasbord, the largest buffet in America. Residents rented a private ballroom for the event, and it was tons of fun! As they settled into their seats and were introduced to the cast (from Third Space Theater), they were surprised to learn that in this edition of the show, some members of the audience would be playing characters, as well! A dozen volunteers later, and the show was ready to begin.

Each person played their role beautifully! Some took their acting very seriously, like Lee Madison, who was one of the characters to die, and made sure everyone knew it. Bravo, Lee! The food was also amazing. With hundreds of options along the eye-popping buffet, there was something for everyone. We got 4 mini-intermissions to replenish plates between acts. Needless to say, by the time the show was over, everyone was not only entertained, but completely full, as well! In the end, the audience uncovered the “murderer” (played by our own Sherrill Baumgartner), and everyone who correctly guessed her as the culprit got a prize. Lititz homeowners had a wonderful time and you can be sure that event will be booked again by popular demand.

Gearing up again for another favorite event, Lititz homeowners recently held their annual Chili Cook-Off. There were a dozen contestants and over 50 eager chili-tasters who showed up to sample and vote. chili cook-off table Lititz pa line of people chili cook-off lititz pa

Four categories were judged in the contest: “Most Like Mom’s”, “Best Use of Spice”, “Best Decorations” and “Best Overall”. The decided winners were:

Most Like Mom’s: Chris Jensen
Best Use of Spice: Colleen Harris
Best Decorations: Julie Brouse
Best Overall: Betty Martin

With Thanksgiving around the corner and the holiday season and New Years Eve on its heels, Lititz residents will be sure to continue the celebrations and festivities!